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“Since the way your mother conceived you, one (or more) guardian angel was assigned to support you until the last breath. “

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I kneel down with my hands clashed together and pray for myself. Dear angels, I want to be blessed with peace by your power.

Have you ever prayed to your angel for guidance or advice by writing a letter to the angel? If your answer is No, you may miss a good way of dealing with stress and problems.

The best spreads out of them

Since the way your mother conceived you, one (or more) guardian angel was assigned to support you until the last breath. Although you may not notice about the angel’s presence, your angel always looks after you whenever you go or do. However, the angel doesn’t have a habit of interrupting your life; he/she appears and gives a helping hand when you ask for the angel’s assistance. Don’t hesitate to require the guardian angel to assist you by writing.

How to Write a Letter to the Guardian Angel?

Writing a letter to your guardian angel isn’t too hard.

You take one or two pages of paper and a pen, and then start to write. You carry on writing until all thoughts in your mind are released. It’s advisable to open the gate of your mind, heart, and soul even set every part of your body free. Don’t hesitate to express your inner thoughts. Don’t hold back your anger, worries, disappointment, negative feelings, fear, obsession etc. Don’t be shy and scared.


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You need to write anything what’s in your head now; you must give yourself a right to be free and expressed. Writing is a good way of getting rid of negative thoughts, pains so that your physical and emotional health can be improved a lot. However, be honest when you express your hard issues. You shouldn’t exaggerate them.

After finishing writing, you ought to burn it instead of reading again; your guardian angel will receive your message and respond to your letter.

If you have any questions about writing to your angel, please contact us for more guidance.

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